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  • Summer 2024 Issue: Proposals due April 29, 2024; Published June 17, 2024

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Spring 2020

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Library Cons and Fandom

Winter 2019/20

Winter 2019/2020 Newsletter

Urban Libraries

Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Newsletter

Know Your Why

Summer 2019

Annual Roundup

Spring 2019

Conference and Communication

Fall Winter 2018 2019

Engage and Inspire

Summer 2018

Community Engagement

Spring 2018

Books & Reading

Winter 2018

The Future in Libraries

Fall 2017

Speak Freely

Summer 2017

More Essential Than Ever

Spring 2017

Narrowing the Margins

Winter 2016-2017 Vol. 14, No. 4

Building Blocks

Fall 2016

Beyond the Box

Summer 2016


Schools and Our Libraries

Spring 2016

Safety and Security in Libraries

Winter 2015 - 2016

 Winter 2015-16 Final.pdf
NJLA is 125

FALL 2015

All Together Now

Summer 2015

Special Collections

Spring 2015

Money Matters At Your Library

NJLA Newsletter, Winter 2014-2015

Libraries on the Edge

NJLA Newsletter, Fall 2014

 Fall 2014 final.pdf
Branding or Rebranding Your Library

Summer 2014

Library as Incubator

Spring 2014

Strategic Planning

Winter 2013

Library Funding

Fall 2013

Creating our Futures

Summer 2013

Working With New Technologies

Spring 2013

Budget Friendly Programs

Winter 2012/2013

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Fall 2012

Mobile Library Initiatives

Summer 2012

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Spring 2012

Newsletter: Spring2012.pdf

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

Winter 2011

Newsletter: Winter2011.pdf

Policy Making

Fall 2011

Newsletter: Fall2011.pdf

ReTooling 4 Tomorrow

Summer 2011

Newsletter: summer2011.pdf

Recruiting and Serving Diverse Populations

Spring 2011

Newsletter: spring2011.pdf

Cultivating Political Relationships